DisposeRX CEO Dr. John Holaday Recognized by President

DisposeRx CEO, Dr. John Holaday, attends historic opioid legislation signing at the White House and is recognized by President Trump during the ceremony.

Dr. Holaday was recently interviewed by Brian Wilson for the new podcast series Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope and discusses the challenges in dealing with the opioid crisis, and how he sees education and legislation as important to tackling it and saving lives. You can listen to Dr. Holaday’s interview here

Dr. Holaday knows that a simple and safe method of site-of-use drug disposal, such as DisposeRx, will go far to help address the challenges of drug addiction and abuse. He is working tirelessly to help people understand that cleaning out their medicine cabinets of unused or expired prescription medicines will save lives. 70% of all new addictions begin in home medicine cabinets. Removing and safely disposing of these medications with a safe and simple at-home drug disposal solution such as DisposeRx is key.

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