William Simpson – President of DisposeRx

William Simpson on using drug disposal solutions to fight opioid epidemic~

“A lot of people are pulling together to try to find some things that work. The sweet spot of this will be finding a combination of solutions. There’s no silver bullet here that’s going to help us from an epidemic perspective. . . We need to find the solutions that work. . . DisposeRx is 10 to 30 seconds . . . “

William Simpson - President of DisposeRx
William Simpson – President of DisposeRx

William Simpson, President of Disposerx, is passionate about his product. He’s also passionate about preventing addiction and about educating people on the simplest ways to dispose of their unused or expired medications. He sat down to to discuss the opioid crisis and how education is key in the fight against opioid addiction. 70% of new opioid addictions begin in a home medicine cabinet, so in addition to learning how to manage their prescription meds, patients need to learn how to properly dispose of them.

Listen to his interview in this new Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope podcast episode.

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