“Treating Overdoses is Not Enough”

After reporting the nation’s largest increase in overdoes deaths, Washington State officials are looking for new ways to reduce overdoses. According to the article “Make education part of fentanyl battle” published in The Seattle Times, many lawmakers are focusing efforts on reactive measures like law enforcement and treatment. Lawmakers like U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell believe that local communities and schools must step up and educate the youth about prescription drugs and counterfeit pills. According to DEA testing, 6 out of 10 counterfeit pills contain a potentially lethal does of fentanyl.

DisposeRx knows that risk awareness education is a critical part of improving public health and keeping families safe.  Research studies show patient education—when combined with a disposal tool—increases medication disposal rates.

Sadly, Seattle’s increase in overdose deaths indicate that treating overdoses is simply not enough. Educating the public about the risks of prescription drugs and counterfeit pills is paramount if we want to reverse current overdose trends.”

William Simpson
CEO, DisposeRx, Inc.

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This article was originally published on the web at https://www.seattletimes.com/opinion/editorials/make-education-part-of-fentanyl-battle/.

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