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North Carolina-based DisposeRx, Inc. is dedicated to improving medication safety by decreasing the number of unused prescriptions in the home. DisposeRx’s market-leading, patented medication disposal packets and education programs are currently available at 60% of retail pharmacies, as well as wholesale distributors, health plans and health systems across the U.S. The company has donated almost one million packets to more than 500 community non-profits over the past five years. 

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Our mission is to
eradicate the misuse of unused medications.

Dr. John Holaday,
CEO Emeritus

The DisposeRx Team

William Simpson, President and CEO of DisposeRx, Inc.

William Simpson

President and
Chief Executive Officer

+1 (919) 897-2027

Denis Connaghan, CFO of DisposeRx, Inc.

Denis Connaghan

Chief Financial Officer

+1 (919) 897-2026

Aaron Hawkins

Digital Marketing Manager

+1 (919) 897-5542 Ext 114

Pamela Roberts

Senior Vice President
Business Development

+1 (703) 863-0840

Ann Hamlin

Vice President
Scientific Affairs

+1 (919) 352-9096

Felicia P. Skizenta

Accounting Manager

+1 (919) 897-5541 Ext 114

Jason Hatt

Office Manager

+1 (919) 352-9774

Edward Leahy, PharmD

Executive Director
Commercial Operations

+1 (919) 897-5543

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Reducing the risks associated with unused medications in the home is one way of helping to keep family members and friends safe. We are proud to partner with pharmacy and healthcare leaders, as well as community organizations, to help educate about the importance of prompt and proper medication disposal.

Please contact DisposeRx, Inc., if you would like additional information about our product or education initiatives.

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