Veterans Administration Initiatives Help Veterans Fight Addiction

In 2013 the Veterans Administration launched their Opioid Safety Initiative (OSI), the first of several system-wide initiatives undertaken by the VA to address opioid overuse. The VA recognized the growing problems rooted in the unique set of circumstances faced by veterans including the fact that veterans are 40% more likely than the general population to suffer from chronic severe pain. Simultaneously, many veterans also deal with emotional issues related to battle experience. Read more about how the Veterans Administration initiatives have helped veterans fight addiction.

Ed Rudnic, Ph.D. – Inventor DisposeRx

Dr. Ed Rudnic was recently interviewed by radio talk show host Brian Wilson on Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope Podcast Series. Brian introduces Dr. Rudnic and asks him to explain crosslinking polymers, the chemical compounds that would one day be called DisposeRx. Read More

John Hindman – Leidos, Senior International & Public Affairs Advisor

John Hindman was recently interviewed by Brian Wilson, host of Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope Podcast Series. Brian sums up the interview, “In today’s busy corporate culture it’s easy for an email to slip through the cracks. But in the case of Leidos employee John and the company’s CEO Roger Krone one email had a huge impact. Read More

William Simpson – President of DisposeRx

William Simpson, President of DisposeRx, is passionate about his product. He’s also passionate about preventing addiction and about educating people on the simplest ways to dispose of their unused or expired medications. He was recently interviewed by radio host Brian Wilson for a new podcast series Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope. Read More

Parent Engagement – Safeguarding Families from Drug and Alcohol Abuse

This month has been designated as National Parent Engagement Month, an effort to recognize the contributions of parents across the nation and to encourage schools to raise awareness of the important role parents play in a child’s education. But leading up to this month, LaGrange County parents began organizing monthly meetings with school administrators covering a wide-array of topics. Last month, the parents brought in Shannon Lawson from the Troup County Prevention Coalition (TCPC) to learn more about what parents can do to safeguard their families from drug and alcohol abuse. Read More

HR6 – DisposeRx CEO Attends Historic White House Signing Ceremony

HR6, landmark opioid legislation, was signed into law by President Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. DisposeRx CEO, Dr. John Holaday, attended the ceremony at the White House and had the honor of being recognized by the President for his dedication, commitment and passion to finding solutions to the opioid crisis. Dr. Holaday talks to WTN 99.7FM radio show host, Brian Wilson about the historic event, the challenges we face with the opioids crisis going forward, and what people can do simply and easily at home to help in the fight against drug addiction and abuse. Read More

Historic Opioid Legislation Signed Into Law

DisposeRx Executives Join President Trump at the White House as Historic Opioid Legislation is Signed Into Law. Today we celebrate the signing of the historic opioid legislation, STOP Act, at the White House event “A Year of Historic Progress and Action to Combat the Opioid Crisis”. Our CEO, Dr. John Holaday, attended the signing. DisposeRx is committed to eradicating the misuse of unused medications and today Dr. Holaday, issued a Call to Action for all Americans to clean out their medicine cabinets. Read More

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