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Social Services are one of the few agencies that see the full effects of the opioid crisis and all the resulting harm. Often the primary point of contact for struggling families, social services workers are in a unique position of trust, understanding, and access that offers opportunities not available to agencies.

By educating families about the risks of prescription medications and providing a method of proper medication disposal, health departments can help improve the health and safety of the communities they serve.

Prevention Pays

Study after study shows that investing in preventative measures like DisposeRx can save communities. For example, the research study Costs, benefits, and cost-effectiveness of comprehensive drug abuse prevention found that for every dollar invested in a drug abuse prevention program, communities could save from $4 to $5 in costs for drug abuse treatment and counseling.

Grants and funding sources like the State Opioid Response Grants (SOR) can help health departments provide DisposeRx packets and educational materials to affected communities.

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Medication Misuse programs for Counties and Health Departments

Every federal, state, local and tribal organization could help reduce the risks of prescription medication through education about proper disposal.

Reducing the risks associated with unused medications in the home is one way of helping to keep family members and friends safe. We are proud to partner with pharmacy and healthcare leaders, as well as community organizations, to help educate about the importance of prompt and proper medication disposal.

Please contact DisposeRx, Inc., if you would like additional information about our product or education initiatives.

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