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The success of State Medicaid and managed Medicaid programs depends on the good health and safety of the programs’ members. There are limited funds available, and they must be used wisely to care for the beneficiaries and members. DisposeRx can work with you to devise the best solution for your members as we did with Missouri HealthNet.

Missouri HealthNet

Missouri saw the effects of the opioid crisis and created the “Safe-At-Home” Patient Safety Opioid Initiative as part of their state Medicaid program, known as HealthNet. Missouri DHSS issued the Standing Order for Drug Deactivation and Disposal Products detailing eligible candidates, use directions, educational topics, and specifying DisposeRx packets as the at-home medication disposal product.

The provider bulletin released by MO HealthNet and the Missouri Board of Pharmacy states pharmacy providers can be reimbursed for dispensing a DisposeRx packet and offering disposal education per eligible patient. To accelerate roll-out of the Safe at Home program, DisposeRx created targeted awareness campaigns, site support materials, and offered financial incentives to pharmacies to participate.

Managed Medicaid

DisposeRx also works with several managed Medicaid plans to help design benefits to help increase medication safety and prevent injuries from unused medications. We would be happy to talk with you about solutions that fit your membership.


Reducing the risks associated with unused medications in the home is one way of helping to keep family members and friends safe. We are proud to partner with pharmacy and healthcare leaders, as well as community organizations, to help educate about the importance of prompt and proper medication disposal.

Please contact DisposeRx, Inc., if you would like additional information about our product or education initiatives.

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